Outgoing Documents

Checklist for Outgoing Students


  • Learning Agreement: The document must be filled out, signed and submitted to Erasmus Office under the guidance of departmental coordinators.
  • Course Recognition Form: The document must be filled out together with the departmental coordinator, and the signed copy must be submitted to Erasmus Office.
  • Copy of Passport ID Page: A legible copy must be submitted to Erasmus Office.
  • Accomodation Form: The student contacts the host university to learn about accomodation options. He/she must receive confirmation after he/she makes a choice.
  • Required Documents for Visa: The student prepares the required documents for visa application, which are listed on the official website of relevant embassy/consulate.
  • Visa Letter: Erasmus Office writes an official letter regarding student’s mobility and delivers it to the student.
  • Travel Health Insurance: The insurance must cover the entire mobility period, and it must be submitted to Erasmus Office.
  • Acceptance Letter: It is sent by the partner university via e-mail.
  • Opening a Euro Bank Account: It is necessary to open a Euro bank account at Denizbank Topkapı Sanayi Branch. The grant will be deposited into the student’s bank account in Euros. Therefore, the student must submit the copy of his/her bankbook to Erasmus Office.
  • Erasmus Grant Agreement: It is signed between the student and Erasmus Office.
  • OLS (Online Linguistic Support): It will be automatically sent to the applicant’s e-mail address.
  • Letter of Resignation: It must be submitted to Erasmus Office by those who renounce their right of Erasmus mobility.

  • Arrival Form: After arrival at the host university, this document must be completed by Erasmus Office of the host institution and it must be sent to our e-mail adress; erasmus@istinye.edu.tr
  • Learning Agreement (During Mobility): If the student makes any change in his/her courses within the first month of mobility, he/she completes this form and submits the signed copy to Erasmus Office.
  • Certificate of Attendance: Signed and stamped document must be obtained from the host institution. It indicates the duration of mobility period.

  • Learning Agreement After Mobility: Final version of course matchings are specified in “After Mobility” part of the Learning Agreement.
  • Transcript (Obtained from the Host University): It is recommended that the transcript should be requested before coming back to your home university, in order not to hinder the returning process.
  • Copies of the ID page, entry/exit stamp pages and visa page of passport: Legible copies must be submitted to Erasmus Office.
  • OLS (Online Linguistic Support): It will be automatically sent to the participant’s e-mail address.
  • Final Form: It will be automatically sent to the participant’s e-mail address.
  • Participant’s Report: You must write a one-page report regarding your experience abroad. You must also add a few photographs to strengthen your report.
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