Erasmus Policy Statement (Overall Strategy)

Istinye University was established as a private university comprising of two faculties and a vocational high school in 2015 and, accepted the very first students in 2016-2017 academic year. As a university newly established is configured according to principles of Bologna Process. The whole curriculum and lesson programs are designed in accordance with the Europeans higher education organizations. And thus, a student oriented education approach has been adopted.

By establishing the required mutual communication conducted by Erasmus department coordinators which are selected from experts’ pool for each department the agreement process is started. In this manner the partners who have respective departments against to programs in our university and those have English as education language or the ones who might open English classes shall be prioritized. We do not have any specific field preferences, we target to cooperate with the countries that are developed and still developing ones.

Additionally, we are selecting our partners with the help of knowledge accumulation and their multidirectional, professional backgrounds of our founder instructors. Beyond all these, we inspect our partners’ web sites and contact their responsible persons who describe the movement procedures, and thus, we analyze their lesson catalogs. Our target groups at such movement activities are students who take education at levels like associate degree, license degree and post graduate degree and, academic and administrative staff.

Our target is that the individuals will have better abilities and employability proficiencies, develop adaptability to new circumstances and enhance their own higher education levels in order to meet the market requirements in future and thus empower the qualification.

In similar way, with the purposes that the educational resources, new learning and teaching techniques might be shared, the experience might also be shared and, good applications might be popularized in order to equip the academicians with knowledge allies, the teaching of the movement shall be promoted. For this purpose we plan to enrich our curriculums by targeting to develop common programs with our partners.

We are quite aware of our mission to increase the quality of higher education. In this respect we provide the adoption of the following issues.

  • To obey the principles of nondiscrimination and to provide equal opportunities to all the participants who come for the activities scope.
  • To provide full recognition for the educational and internship activities accomplished successfully.
  • To provide the educational and internship activities that are accomplished successfully take place at the final certificate the student's acquirements are registered
  • Not to demand any fee from the incoming students for the lesson, registration, examination, laboratory, library, etc.

Prior to the movement

  • To publish the lessons catalog at the web site and update it regularly.
  • To ensure that the learning agreement is only made in a determined framework or signed previously, and within the movement agreement framework for the personnel.
  • To ensure the outgoing participants are well prepared for the movement.
  • To provide support to incoming and outgoing participants for obtaining visa when necessitates.
  • To provide support to incoming and outgoing participants for insurance affairs when necessitates.
  • To provide guidance to the incoming participants for obtaining accommodation.

During the movement

  • To ensure acting equal treatment to its own students & staff and incoming participants
  • To integrate the incoming participants to the daily life at the organization
  • To prepare suitable guidance and support services to the participants
  • To provide suitable language support to the incoming participants

After the Movement

  • To provide full recognition to the activities on condition that the activities are accomplished successfully by the students
  • At the end of the movement period, to provide the transcripts showing the success of the participants to incoming participants and organizations in time and correctly.
  • To provide the participants who were benefited from the activity integrate again to the organization.
  • To provide full recognition to the personnel who are benefited from the activities performed.

On the scope of visibility

  • To enable the ECHE and Erasmus Policy Declaration published in organization’s web site.
  • To promote the activities supported by the program and their outputs incessantly.