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Invitation/Acceptance Letter: The institution where you will carry out your mobility will send you a signed/stamped acceptance letter containing your mobility dates.

Mobility Agreement: Your mobility plan should be specified on the relevant document and a copy should be delivered to our office after the signature process is completed.

Visa Supoort Letter: The home institution's (İSÜ) Erasmus Office prepares a visa letter that includes the type of mobility, its duration and the grant amount to be used in visa procedures.

Copies of Passport Identity and Visa Pages: A copy of your passport identity and visa page must be submitted to our office after your visa procedures are completed. The visa process is under the responsibility of our staff.

Travel Health Insurance: It is the insurance that ensures that the participant's basic expenses are covered during their stay in another EU country. A copy of your travel insurance that covers your mobility period must be submitted to our office.

Flight Details: The flight ticket/reservation document you have provided for your travel to the country where you will participate in the mobility must be added to your file.

Euro Bank Account: In order for us to make your grant (80% of the total grant) payment, you need to open a Euro account at Denizbank Topkapı Sanayi Branch and submit a copy of the page with your account information to Erasmus Office.

Grant Agreement: After the steps above are completed, a Grant Agreement will be signed. You are to make an appointment with our office for the relevant process.

Waiver Petition: If you give up on your right for the mobility, you are submit a petition to the Erasmus Office.


Certificate of Attendance: The Certificate of Attendance must be submitted to our office after it is signed and stamped by the host institution. The relevant document should be contain the mobility date written on your acceptance/invitation letter.


Entry/Exit Stamps on Your Passport: Copies of the pages showing your entry and exit from the country must be submitted.

Final Form: After the mobility, a form will be automatically sent by the European Commission to the e-mail address you have given to our office during the application. The relevant form must be filled in completely.

Personal Impression Form: In order to guide other candidates who want to benefit from the program and make a contribution to our university, you are expected to prepare a one-page report about your experiences abroad and you can support your report with some entertaining photographs.


  • Application Form: The application form is available on our website.
  • Copy of Passport ID Page: A legible copy must be submitted to Erasmus Office.
  • CV/ Academic Resume: It must be sent to our Erasmus Office before mobility.
  • Teaching/Training Workplan: According to the nature of mobility, either a teaching or training work plan must be prepared and signed by both institutions before mobility.
  • Invitation Letter: An invitation letter will be sent by our Erasmus Office for the participant’s visa application process.
  • Certificate of Attendance: This document indicates the duration of the mobility period. A signed and a stamped document may be obtained from our Erasmus Office.